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No matter where you are in life—starting a family, saving for your child’s education or your future, looking to protect your family or assets, living in retirement, or planning your legacy—a financial professional can help you find products to meet your goals. Through JHFN’s national network of independent firms you have access to a range of financial professionals who can offer you a variety of protection and wealth management solutions to meet your specific needs.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Professional Advice.

Ever wonder why so many people rely on financial professionals and advisors to help them throughout their lives? Consider these compelling insights for the answers.


A whopping 98% of variable annuities are sold through financial advisors and professionals.1

  • One reason is that clients rely on advisors to help them understand how annuities work, their multiple benefits and their fees.
  • Another reason is that many advisors position annuities as one part of a comprehensive financial strategy that takes into account a client’s income needs in retirement and the financial legacy a client wants to leave to loved ones.
  • It’s estimated there will be an increase in the use of financial advisors due to:2
    • The proliferation of alternative investment vehicles.
    • “A growing need of retiring baby boomers for advice on portfolio management and income distribution, as well as the overall growing complexity of financial services.”3

Life Insurance
One recent study makes a clear point: Americans benefit from an insurance agent’s guidance:4

  • “Twenty-nine percent of Americans would like to discuss life insurance with a financial professional, yet three-fourths of American households do not have a personal life insurance agent, or a personal financial advisor or planner.”
  • Seventy percent of Americans agree that “it would be useful to periodically review the terms, provisions, and options of current life insurance policies.”
  • “One third of Americans with life insurance would like to review their coverage every year or two, and almost one half want a review within five years.”
  • Another report states that “most people prefer to buy life insurance through an insurance agent or other financial advisor… Purchasing the right amount and kind of life insurance might end up being the most important financial decision you’ll ever make.”5

Long-Term Care Insurance

A recent report on Long-Term Care (LTC) reveals the value of a financial professional:6

  • “Many people believe that they have private LTC coverage through their employers or public coverage though Medicare and Medicaid. In fact, however, they are not covered for extended LTC or nursing home stays.”
  • This is the type of mistake a financial advisor can help you avoid.


An in-depth 2012 study confirms the role that financial professionals play in millions of investors’ lives:7

  • “Among households that own fund shares outside defined contribution retirement plans, 80 percent currently own fund shares through professional financial advisors.”
  • “Altogether, nearly two-thirds of shareholders with ongoing advisory relationships indicate that they receive at lest five distinct services from their primary advisors.”
  • “Generally, fund investors who choose to work with advisors indicate the relationship improves their chances of growing their money and gives them peace of mind about their investments.”

Variable annuities are offered by prospectus only, which is available from your registered representative. You should carefully consider the product’s features, risks, charges and expenses, and the investment objectives, risks and policies of the underlying portfolios, as well other information about the underlying funding choices. This and other information is available in the prospectus, which you should read carefully before investing. Product availability and features may vary by state. All product guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

The amounts allocated to the variable investment options of your account balance are subject to market fluctuations so that, when withdrawn or annuitized it may be worth more or less than its original value.

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