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The Benefits of Working with a Financial Professional.

When it comes to helping protect what you have today and preparing for the future, a knowledgable financial professional who understands your goals can help.

Through JHFN’s national network of independent financial firms, you have access to an experienced financial professional who can offer guidance that will help you set goals, understand investment opportunities and suggest insurance to help protect your loved ones.

Here are some of the benefits of working with one of our financial professionals:

Help with investing and planning:

  • Providing advice so you can make informed investment and insurance decisions
  • Identifying the different types of insurance that can help provide for your loved ones, your future care and your long-term security
  • Reviewing your insurance options at work and developing a comprehensive strategy
  • Determining your comfort level with investment risk and articulating your financial goals as the basis for your investment strategy
  • Helping you understand the need and value of insurance and appreciate the difference between saving and investing

Strategies for implementing your plan:

  • Guiding your evaluation and selection of insurance policies
  • Constructing your investment asset allocation strategy
  • Diversifying your savings among different types of investments
  • Empowering you with educational resources and tools
  • Providing a holistic view of your insurance and investment holdings

Guidance in keeping your financial strategy up-to-date:

  • Conducting ongoing monitoring and periodically rebalancing your investment portfolio
  • Providing insurance solutions to keep pace with your life’s changes
  • Offering context to help you better understand investments and market developments
  • Bringing new and suitable investment and insurance opportunities to your attention

As your personal situation evolves, your financial professional will help you determine the impact on your investment goals and your insurance needs. You can rely on your advisor to bring innovative solutions to the table, offer a plan of action, and help you maintain your confidence in the future.

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Key Questions To Ask A Financial Professional

Key Questions To Ask A Financial Professional

Use this questionnaire to help you evaluate and select a financial advisor. You can also use it to get to know your current advisor or financial professional better.

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