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You have a vision for the practice you’re building, and you’re working hard to achieve it. But have you thought about how to make your business more valuable or what will happen to your clients when you retire?  Do you have the support you need to thoroughly develop and implement a succession plan? Building a successful practice today and planning with a successor will help ensure your clients are well protected, now and in the future.

At JHFN, we believe you should be rewarded for the client relationships and business value you build over your career. That’s why we offer JHFN’s financial professionals and advisors access to Build4Success, our proprietary four-stage equity and succession platform.

Equity cycle

Build4Success will help you value, protect, grow, and realize the business value you’ve created, while ensuring your clients are well protected.

Stage 1
Determine Your Business Value, utilizing our unique third-party investment, advisory, and insurance-based valuation model which considers intangible assets such as deep client relationships.

Stage 2
Protect Your Business Value and your client relationships, through short-term continuity arrangements as well as a long-term succession plan.

Stage 3
Grow Your Business, including resources to help identify acquisition opportunities, plus assistance with structuring and financing a transaction.

Stage 4
Realize Your Business Value, by selling your business to an existing protégé, family member, or potential successor – including support for structuring and financing the deal and assistance with transitioning your practice. Through Build4Success, you can be confident that you’re doing what’s best for your clients, your family, and your associates, no matter where you are in your career.

Build4Success Program Brochure

Access the program brochure for more details on our 4-stage equity and succession management system.

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Quote – Equity & Succession

Everyone Wins

"When fully adopted, equity and succession management – an iterative, career-long process – improves the quality and length of service provided to clients while increasing business value for practice owners."

Brian Heapps, CLU, ChFC
President, JHFN

Survey Says – Equity & Succession

Survey Says

A 2009 study showed that while 62% of those financial advisors surveyed were concerned about succession planning, less than 1/3 had even begun to work on their planning. 55% thought the industry as a whole was not doing enough to help representatives with equity and succession.

Survey by JHFN and Matthew Greenwald and Associates, June 2009
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