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Succession Planning in the Age of ‘Valued Relationships’

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Succession planning is a difficult topic to broach with financial professionals. It always seems like it’s somewhere down the line, a long way off. We spend so much time helping our clients plan for their financial futures, we often don’t take the time to focus on our own until it’s too late and the options [...]

How Using Technology More Effectively Will Help You Grow Your Business

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Remember the days of waiting 5 minutes for AOL to dial up and connect to the server?  (Yes, that eardrum-rattling dial tone is burned in my memory, too.) Well, those days are long gone, replaced by lightning-fast internet connections and a technology industry that seems to be evolving just as quickly. Of course, at that [...]

4 Retirement Income Concerns: What You Need to Know to Help Protect Your Clients

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As a financial professional, your ability to address your clients’ and prospects’ needs and concerns with respect to planning for retirement income can be a key differentiator for you in the marketplace.

More Americans Plan to Travel for Summer Vacation This Year

Many of your clients will be sky-bound this summer when they take a vacation but will tend to stay stateside, according to John Hancock’s Q2 2013 Investor Sentiment Survey, a quarterly poll of investors by independent research firm Mathew Greenwald & Associates. Eighty percent of those surveyed said they plan to travel for pleasure this summer, [...]

7 Key Attributes to Identify in a Highly Effective Defined Contribution Firm

Over the next five years, U.S. retirement assets are poised to grow to over $20 trillion.* However, complexities resulting from recent industry rules and regulations are driving a number of financial institutions to minimize their efforts in this area. In fact, many are leaving this market altogether. So where does a qualified financial advisor with [...]

3 Tips for Creating a New Business Niche and Revitalizing Your Practice

Most experienced representatives will tell you that niche marketing is the best way to build a business today. But what happens when you reach a plateau? How do you boost an established business and take it to the next level? One strategy is to find new clients within your current niche. Another is to find [...]

Auditors Coming? Here Are 6 Proactive Steps You Can Take To Be Prepared

No one likes to hear they’re being audited. For a financial professional, it can raise all sorts of questions (most of which carry negative connotations): Why me? What will the auditor be looking for/need to see?  What did I do wrong? That’s why now is the time to ask yourself; have I been diligent in making sure my [...]